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The Healing Power of Spring Flowers

With hints of warmer days coming, Spring flowers are beginning to bloom and raise our spirits after this long, cold Winter. Nature’s inherent wisdom brings forward flowers which help us let go of our own darkness which may be lingering after the Winter season.

Last time I talked about essences to detox–or Spring clean-the mind/body. The energy of Spring flowers follows on from this, to maintain change and enhance a sense of feeling-and being-light.

Each year Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full Moon following the

Spring Equinox , and is represented by the giving of eggs–symbolising new life, new birth, new


So as well as letting go of our darkness, Spring flowers present us with the opportunity of re

-birthing ourselves without the programming of the past which plays in our mind and body like a stuck record,creating stagnant spaces within where life cannot breathe or flow. As we let go, we can be ready to come into the fullness of ourselves, expressed by the fire energy

of Summer

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