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How do you Discover God's Wealth when you are BROKE!

First, you must find out what you are focusing on. Are you focusing on being broke or are you focusing on God. Remember Peter, when he saw Jesus walking on the water. As long as his focus was on Jesus he was okay, but he took his focus off Jesus and started to focus on the storm around him. Guess what, he fell into the water. First, you must "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and All These Things Will Be Added." Matthew 6:33 As long as you are focusing on the storm, you will alway be in the storm (BROKE). Keep your focus on God, and God will give you instructions and directions on how to come out of that situation, and while you are in the storm, he will walk by you and give you favor. Favor is better than money

Second, have you ever heard about the 10-10-80. This is God's way of budgeting your money. If you aren't doing this you will always be BROKE! Everytime you get your check, you must budget your money. The first 10% goes to Tithing, the second 10% goes to Saving, and the 80% goes to your household bills. If you do this you will never be broke. You are giving God his 10th, you are saving 1o% for the rainy days because they are coming and the 80% will take care of your household, so the bill collectors will not be calling. (For more information, contact me and I will give you a sheet with scriptures on the 10-10-80)

Be open to whatever God wants to teach you in the different seasons of your journey with him. Whether you’re experiencing a season of financial poverty being BROKE, God is with you and has something to teach you. Ask God to reveal what he wants you to learn in every type of financial circumstances you go through.

Never stop giving. Don’t let any financial crisis cause you to stop giving to support your local church. Always pay your Tithes and Offerings! Even though you’ll have less money to give when you’re in a crisis, it’s important to still maintain the habit of giving, because that’s a way of worshipping God and deepening your trust in Him. God wants to know that you love him more than your money, and when you show him that by obeying his command to give as generously as you can in all circumstances, he will enrich your soul by transforming you into a person who grows more like Jesus every day. God does not want his Christians to be BROKE!

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