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Esther's Secrets

Esther 2: 1-17

First, she surrendered her former life. For her, this meant giving up life as a Jewish maiden and entering a pagan king's hare. Do we appreciate how many people, even Christians, would give up their past life. When we become Christians, we must get rid of those old baggages which is sin in our lives before God can bless us with something new.

Second, Esther began six months of treatment with oil of myrrh. Myrrh is both bitter and pleasantly fragrant. It heals many ailments. It both removes impurities and softens the skin. Treatment with myrrh represents repentance, dying to self, and the sweetness of losing our lives and finding it. Myrrh removed the smell of flesh from Esther. It also made the skin beautiful. It was said that olive oil was used with Myrrh also. The skin was rub down with the oils for 6 months.

Third, Esther received another six months of perfumes and cosmetics. These probably included frankincense and other spices. Frankincense releases its fragrance when set on fire just like the oils we burn, today. This treatment represents praise and worship, becoming a sweet aroma unto the Lord, bowing before Him and focusing on Him. The treatment was constant and prolonged for great beauty. Esther became saturated with sweet spices.

Fourth, Esther's turn came to go into the king's chamber. She was allowed to take with her anything from the harem that she chose . This probably means she could choose what to wear, how to do her hair and makeup, and whether or not to bring a gift of some kind. Esther asked for nothing except what the king's servant Hegai suggested. In other words, she didn't get dressed according to what would make her feel pretty. She took advice from someone who knew the king's taste so she could present herself in a way that would please him. So, when you are waiting to met your king, you must find out his taste.

Once she got into the chamber, she was his to do with as he saw fit. She spent a lot of time with him, gave him all of her attention, looked in his eyes and made him FEEL like a king. Every minute was spent to make him feel like a king. When the night was over, she needed no life outside of him. There was no life for her only the life with him. She won his heart, and he only wanted her. She was different from all the other women he had seen. Her preparation won the king's favor, and she became his bride. If Esther's pattern is one to follow for achieving a relationship with the King, where are we to begin?

First, by surrendering your former lives. Second comes preparations. Are you preparing for your King? Esther's treatment with oil of myrrh represents something deeper. This preparations goes deeper. She had the Love of God deep down on the inside, and the king felt God's Love.

Third, she prepared for intimacy with the King through praise and worship. She praised and worshiped the king, and made him feel like a king. The sweet fragrance of the incense created a sense of compassion for Esther. Esther love for the king rose before His throne and he was so please with her. In this stage, she including deep worship as part of her alone time with the king. You may sing to Him spontaneous songs from your heart. You may feel moved to dance for Him to a beautiful instrumental. Or meditate on a Scripture He has quickened to your heart, and listen for His voice. Here, we soak in His presence. We focus on His face and not His hand looking into his eyes. We focus on Him so intently that the world falls away.

When we abandon ourselves to loving Him, we will have the King's favor and His ear, and we will ask for what we will and it shall be done for us. It's like you two are on a desert island all along. All of your time is devoted to your king. All of your strength and abilities are given to him. Loving him with all your heart, soul and mind. Are you ready for your king?

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