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First picture, I weighed 240 pounds and second picture, my weight is 140 pounds.  I lost 100 pounds.  Read Chapter 4 and  it will tell you how I lost the weight and a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu to follow, daily.  

Living The Abundant Life

This book has been a dream to me every since I was a child. I started writing this book 10 years ago. I work for the Light 100.5FM for about 10 year where I started doing The Inspiration Insight. I was inspired by my husband Pastor Bobby L. Clark to do the inspiration insight. I didn’t want to do it, but he said the Lord told him that I should do it, so I started, and it grew.

People was inspired and touched every morning by the Inspiration Insight. They would call me every morning to tell me that I need to write a book. They wanted those inspiration in a book. I thought about it, but I have to wait on God to give me directions.

The title of the book is “Living The Abundance Life” this book will give you wisdom and knowledge on how God wants you to live this life that he has created for us.

When you read this book, your eyes will be opened by the word of God. The information will help you break the chain that has bound you all of your life.

Your will enjoy a great reading experience of what life has to offer you. This book will help you change your mind set about life. You will be able to see what God has to offer us.

You can learn to live an abundant life. The life that God created for us at the beginning of the world. If we hold fast to what God has designed for us, we will have a great life. Let’s find out how!

***To purchase this book, call 478-342-6348 or cashapp $livinglifeabundants  The Book is $15.00, put your address in block below, and I will mail your book to you.      ***Fill out the Name & Address, Email Address, Message and Phone number below and click "Submit"  your information will come to my email.

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