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Not Ready for Retirement? Pursue a Second Act Career on Your Terms

For baby boomers that aren’t quite ready for their golden years, pursuing a ‘second act’ career is a popular option on the way to retirement. But what’s the recipe for achieving success the second time around? According to Avon Representative Vondell McKenzie of Los Banos, CA, it takes commitment, passion and a clear set of goals.

For Vondell, the decision to start a second career at the age of 54 wasn’t an easy one. Vondell and her engineer husband, Terry, thought they were ready for retirement. However, less than a year after leaving her full time job, Vondell realized she wasn’t done with her professional endeavors. Knowing she didn’t want to return to the corporate world in a traditional sense, Vondell began her search for a second act that would provide her flexibility and the freedom to be her own boss. Avon turned out to be an ideal fit – becoming a Representative gave Vondell the opportunity to build her own business, while offering a flexible work schedule so she could pursue her passion for travel with friends and family. Fast forward 24 years and Vondell, now 77, has climbed the ladder to her current position of National Senior Executive Unit Leader, where she continues to grow her business.

However, Vondell’s success did not come without unwavering commitment. She approached her business with the seriousness of a full-time job – she set goals for herself, met them and raised the sales bar for herself and her team. “The main skill necessary here is to learn how to work for yourself. Every day, treat your work as if you’re building a multi-million dollar business,” says Vondell. With this mind-set, Vondell honed her managerial and sales skills to build a six-figure Avon business that continues to grow today.

For those looking to follow in Vondell’s footsteps, she says it’s important to surround yourself with a strong support network of family and friends. She also encourages baby boomers to know what they’re looking for in a second career before pursuing it. “Priorities change as you get older and knowing what you want out of your second act is an important step in finding the right path,” says Vondell.

Contemplating a second career? With a leap of faith, commitment and passion, you can go more places than you’d ever imagine and achieve success you never thought was obtainable. According to Vondell, “This is the best opportunity I could ask anyone to take a look at – it’s wonderful.”

For more information on joining Avon, Contact Janice M. Clark at 478-390-2614

Second Career Strong at age 77. Top in Sales and making Millions with Avon.

Vondell McKenzie asks 'How would you like to make $100,000.00 a year?"

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